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Free Satellite System Features

  • Satellite Receiver
  • IR (Infrared) 4-component universal remote control
  • 20" dish antenna with double dual LNBs
  • Hardware
  • Advanced MPEG-2/DVB compliant
  • Channel-Up and Channel-Down
  • Front Panel Buttons
  • Software upgradeable via satellite
  • System information available at a button push
  • V-chip-type technology for Parental Control based on ratings and content
  • On-screen Program Guide with complete program listings
  • Onscreen DISH CD Music Song Titling
  • Page-At-A-Time Scrolling in on-screen Program Guide
  • Interactive information "soft keys" in the menu explain the feature functions
  • On-screen transparent channel and program information banner
  • 4 user defined Favorites Lists (30 channels each)
  • Theme categories for program selection
  • Closed caption support
  • Alternative language support
  • Pay-Per-View on-screen purchase summary
  • AC-3 optical jack
  • S-Video Output jack
  • RCA-type audio/video output
  • Off-air antenna input (F-connectors)
  • 2400 baud internal meditated jack
  • Satellite dish antenna input
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